York County Youth Development Center (YDC)

The program at the Youth Development Center (YDC) is administrated by a group of highly skilled, treatment-oriented staff. It is a program that is intended to keep the youth safe and secure, ensure that they are treated with dignity and respect, and one in which all youth are motivated to begin the process of self-evaluation and betterment.

The shelter provides for the emergency and immediate care and custody of youth whose circumstances require that they be held in a short - term, closely supervised least restricted, setting. Youth remanded to the shelter are youth who have been adjudicated or deemed dependent by Commonwealth Courts. 

YDC serves both males and females between the ages of 10-21, who are referred to us by either, Juvenile Probation or the Office of Children, Youth, & Families.

The staff at YDC embraces the Sanctuary Model as our method for helping clients and their families through this difficult time in their lives. We recognize that each child is unique and brings with them a past that has included trauma. Staff also believes that the disruption of the home setting and separation of parent and child causes additional trauma. We’re here to support our clients and families towards a better future.

The community outreach partnership between the York County Sheriff's Office and York County Youth Development Center (YDC) (Shelter Unit) began in May 2009. Prior to that, YDC conducted community service outings independently. With the partnership between both agencies, the program was able to expand its impact on the youth and on the community.

Through this initiative, YDC Shelter residents are taken from the building into the community to engage in community service, educational events, networking, and recreational events. Most of the outings concentrate on community service including graffiti removal, litter pickup/street sweeping, serving food at the Rescue Mission, and assisting with special projects and community events.