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"Due process is a core value of the American judicial system, ensuring that every litigant and criminal defendant receives a fair hearing that is based on the merits of his or her case and presided over by an impartial judge. No one should be put at a disadvantage in court by reason of race, ethnicity, or gender. The basic fairness of the Pennsylvania court system is jeopardized if litigants with limited English proficiency (LEP) are unable to have access to competent interpreters and other language assistance." - Final Report of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court Committee on Racial and Gender Bias in the Justice System (March 2003)

York County Interpreter Request Form / Formulario para Solicitar un Intérprete Judicial en Español

  1. LEP* = Limited English Proficiency Individual who needs the language services.

  2. Enter the Language you are requesting. 

  3. Please enter the country of birth here so the Language Access Coordinator can secure the correct language dialect if any.

  4. Enter the name of the case caption/defendant if different than LEP name. If name if the same enter 'same name'

  5. Be sure to choose both the  start and end date and time of the event.

  6. Proceeding Type

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Mission Statement

The County of York's Interpreter's Office, working under the direction of the Administrative Office of York County Courts (AOYCC) and adhering to PA Act 172, is committed to providing equal access to justice to all LEP Litigants upon the appropriate request being submitted, regardless of the language they speak.

In order for all litigants to have equal access to justice, the existing communication barriers must be removed. Court interpreters are a vital and indispensable tool in fulfilling the Court's obligation in this regard.

Court Interpreters are utilized in all criminal, adult and juvenile probation, juvenile delinquency, juvenile dependency, custody, protection from abuse, and adoption cases that are held in front of Presiding Judicial Officers where litigants have limited English proficiency.

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If you need Language Access assistance, please email us.

or You may also contact the Language Access Coordinator at 717-771-9234