Court Administration

Welcome to the York County District Court Administrator's website.

The District Court Administrator is appointed by the President Judge of the Court of Common Pleas to assist with administrative responsibilities in the Courts.

Duties include, but are not limited to:

  • Judicial and courtroom assignments
  • Processing and disbursing proper paperwork for criminal, civil, and juvenile cases
  • Scheduling and coordinating the use of hearing rooms and conference rooms

The District Court Administrator's Office is also involved with court-related human resource functions, fiscal operations, budget preparation, jury management, CASA, court reporters, and court interpreters.

This office also serves as a liaison with the county commissioners, the Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts, the general public and various groups or agencies.

Court departments reporting directly to Court Administration include Juvenile Probation, Adult Probation, Domestic Relations, the Divorce Masters office and the 19 District Courts.

On this site you will find access to court scheduling information, court rules/procedures and more.

Policy on Non-Discrimination and Equal Employment Opportunity

 The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania declares that it is the policy of the Unified Judicial System of Pennsylvania (UJS) to ensure that all individuals having business with the UJS are treated in a dignified, civil, respectful, and non-discriminatory manner. This policy prohibits all forms of discrimination and harassment in a Court Facility (defined as “Any building or office serving as the workplace for Personnel of the System, Supreme Court Boards and Committees, and/or Related Staff; and any UJS-related building or office in which Court Users conduct business with the UJS”), and applies to all judicial officers, personal staff, administrative staff, central staff, court boards and committees, district attorneys, public defenders, sheriffs and other officers serving process or enforcing orders, registers of wills, prothonotaries, clerks of courts, clerks of the orphan’s court division, coroners, jury commissioners, probation officials, attorneys, applicants for employment, litigants, witnesses, jurors, and court volunteers.  The court’s full non-discrimination policy, complaint forms, and instructions for filing and investigating complaints can be found at Complaint Procedures | Human Resources | Judicial Administration | Unified Judicial System of Pennsylvania (