Risk Management / Workers' Comp / Safety


The Department of Human Resources is responsible for protecting the assets of the County of York by controlling their exposure to loss.

Assets include visitors to York County Government facilities and services, employees, property, buildings and contents, valuable papers, vehicles, financial assets and miscellaneous items.

Losses include injuries to visitors, employees, damage to buildings, property or vehicles, theft or damage to contents and liability issues. Implementing proactive risk management techniques, periodic reviews of York County operations and securing adequate insurance where the risk cannot be eliminated controls the losses.

Any loss in the above categories is investigated and a claim is filed through the Risk Management office by notice to our Workers' Compensation, General and Professional Liability, Vehicle or Property insurance carriers. Case management and claim resolution techniques are employed to keep losses to a minimum and recover reimbursements where appropriate.

This office maintains documented statistics of visitor and employee injuries, vehicle accidents, property damage and inventories of all York County Government property.

Safety Training

The Department of Human Resources provides accident prevention and safety awareness training resulting in the implementation of safe work practices. Assistance is provided to all York County Government facilities and operations with recommendations made to the appropriate facility Director and the Administrator. In addition, when appropriate, these recommendations will be made to the York County Board of Commissioners.


  • Questions and/or claims for Workers' Compensation can be directed to:
    Main Number: 717-771-9214
  • Questions and/or claims for visitor injuries, property and vehicle damage can be directed to:
    Main Number: 717-771-9214