HealthChoices Management Unit

York County Human Services - Health Choices Management Unit

HealthChoices Management Unit Announcement March 20, 2020 (PDF)

The York / Adams HealthChoices Management Unit (HCMU) was created in 2001 as one of the Human Services departments which oversee the drug and alcohol and mental health services funded through the Medicaid HealthChoices Program.

The HealthChoices program is the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania's mandatory Medicaid managed care program that is administered by the Department of Human Services. While the Department of Human Services contracts directly with managed care organizations for the delivery of the physical health components of the program, the Department allowed many Counties to contract directly with them for the purpose of delivering the behavioral health services provided under the program.

While the York/Adams HealthChoices department participates in quality assurance activities, oversees the financial reporting requirements, identifies gaps in services, works on assisting individuals with special needs and plans for the use of reinvestment dollars, many of the day to day activities that meet members' needs are sub-contracted to a managed care organization. York and Adams Counties have contracted with Community Care Behavioral Health Organization to provide care management, network management, member services, and claims management as well as other support services.

  • For Information on Eligibility for HealthChoices Behavioral Health/Substance
  • For current Solicitation of Interest or Request for Proposals

Now Accepting Referrals

  • Parent-Child Interactive Therapy (PCIT)
  • Pennsylvania Comprehensive Behavioral Health - View the Referral Form (PDF)
  • Mobile Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services for Youth and Young Adult (ages 16-26) by Fellowship Health Resources.
  • Adult Partial Hospitalization Program by Community Services Group (CSG) - View the CSG Referral Form (PDF)
  • Peer Support for Youth and Young Adults by Service Access and Management (SAM)

Specialty Treatment Options

  • Alder Health Services
    • Alder Health Services provides strength-based and client-centered services to individuals in the South Central Pennsylvania Region.
    • Available services include individual and couples behavioral health therapy, psychiatric evaluations, and medication management.
    • Mental Health Services Available:
      • Individual Counseling
      • Couple Counseling
      • Transgender Services
      • Psychiatric Services and Assessment
      • Medication Management
    • More information about Alder Health Services can be researched at Alder Health Website