Electronic Filing

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Beginning January 3, 2023 the electronic filing of these case types is mandatory:
Judgments (NO) 
Mechanics Liens (ML)
Municipal Tax Liens (MT)
Additional non-family Civil Suit (SU) filings to include:
    Appeals to Commonwealth and Superior Court, Arbitration Appeals, Subpoenas, 
    Writ of Scire Facias, Writ of Revival. Civil e-filing exceptions are listed below.

Electronic Filing

The Prothonotary's Office is accepting non-family Civil Suit (SU) filings except for:*

  • District Magistrate Appeals
  • License Suspension Appeals
  • Non Domestic Relations Restraining Order
  • Petition for Name Change
  • Writ of Execution from another county

* Cannot accept initial filings but may take subsequent filings electronically for these case types

Family Court e-filing is not available. 

Prothonotary Clerks do not accept or reject any electronically filed documents while the office is closed (after 4:30 pm, weekends, holidays, weather emergency, etc). You may e-file your documents at any time but they will not be processed until the office is open for business. As always, the timestamp will reflect the date you submitted the filing.