Mission & Vision Statement

Vision Statement

York County Department of Probation Services strives to achieve excellence in community corrections by providing the highest quality services to the courts, victims, offenders, their families, and our community. This vision will be achieved through evidence-based interventions that demonstrate a balanced approach between treatment and law enforcement.

Mission Statement

The mission of the York County Department of Probation Services is to enforce the mandates of the Court through community protection, accountability, victim restoration, and improving competency development through engaging family and community resources to individuals under our supervision.

To accomplish this, the agency will provide:

  • Community Protection: The public has a right to a safe and secure community and must be protected during the time the individual is under supervision. The Department of Probation Services provides a range of evidence-based intervention alternatives and pre-emptive measures geared to the varying risks presented by the offenders. This is accomplished through supervision, surveillance, and enforcement of Court-ordered conditions for individuals under our authority.
  • Accountability: Probation Services holds the offenders accountable to their communities, families, victims, and themselves; through corrective measures, graduated sanctions, and incentives.
  • Victim Restoration: Victims and communities should have their losses restored by the actions of the offenders making reparation, and victims should be empowered as active participants in the criminal justice process. Services can range from restorative justice practices such as securing victim impact statements for sentencing, monitoring restitution payments, and referrals to appropriate resources.
  • Improving Competency Development: Individuals who come within the jurisdiction of the Court should leave the system capable of leading productive and responsible lives in the community. To accomplish this, Probation Services will utilize a validated assessment tool to determine supervision levels and to identify appropriate programming to address problem areas. We will use these findings to develop and consistently review case plans and to engage individuals in meaningful, re-entry services.
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