Family Empowerment Protocol and Engagement Strategies

The York County Children's Roundtable Teaming Workgroup, a subcommittee of the local Children's Roundtable, was formed to address barriers with teaming across agencies. The workgroup looked at the Pennsylvania Quality Services Review's definition of teaming to build a cohesive format easily adaptable to all agencies.

Teaming is having the appropriate team members identified and working towards a shared, common "big picture" of long-term success for the child and family. The appropriate team members include those members who have knowledge of the child's and family's culture and needs, as well as skills to be able to assist the family in their success. This includes the family and their natural supports, as well as the community supports and providers that can also lend their knowledge and support.

York County Office of Children, Youth, and Families recognize the importance of a team approach when assisting families in their path to success. At every critical decision-making point, it is important that the family is surrounded by the best team to help empower their decisions and guide them towards success.

The expectation for county staff and providers is to follow the best practice standards set forth in the Family Empowerment Protocol (PDF). The Family Empowerment Protocol is not a checklist; rather it is a tool to reference when considering who to invite to meetings where vital decisions impacting the family are being made. We want our staff and providers to adopt this best practice standard-considering the voice of the family as a part of the team, making sure the right players and supports are present at all meetings, (both formal and informal), and thoughtfully transitioning the family into leadership and decision-making roles.

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