Conflict Counsel

York County Office of Conflict Counsel

100 West Market Street
Suite 101
York, PA 17401
Phone: 717-771-9220
Fax: 717-771-9223
Office Hours: 8 am to 4:30 pm.

The York County Office of Conflict Counsel is responsible for representing qualified adults and juveniles, charged with criminal offenses or facing a loss of liberty due to contempt proceedings, who cannot be represented by the York County Public Defender's Office because of a conflict of interest. Conflict Office attorneys provide dedicated, effective representation, and zealous advocacy in order to preserve due process and the rights guaranteed to all members of our community.

The Conflict Office is staffed by seven licensed attorneys, or Conflict Counsel, who provide skilled representation to their clients through all stages of proceedings; from preliminary hearings through appeals. Conflict Counsel may also represent clients in certain summary trials, some contempt proceedings, violation proceedings, and diversionary programs such as ARD or Wellness Court.

The Conflict Office does not accept direct applications for services. Cases are received through referrals from the Public Defender's Office or by Order from Common Pleas Court. If you are charged with a crime you must first apply for representation through the York County Public Defender's Office. The Public Defender's Office will determine if you qualify for services. If you qualify for representation, the Public Defender's Office will then review the case and determine if they have a conflict of interest. If the Public Defender's Office determines they have a conflict of interest and cannot accept a case, they will refer the case to the Conflict Office.

After a case is referred to the Conflict Office an intake interview will be conducted. The interview will take place one of two times:

  1. prior to your next court date in the Conflict Office or at the York County Prison, or 
  2. at your next court proceeding

The timing of the interview is dependent on when you applied for Public Defender services and the date the case was referred to the Conflict Office in relation to your next court date. Conflict Counsel will be assigned to the case and you will be notified of your assigned attorney.