The State and Federal government, through the Department of Energy and Department of Health and Human Services and the County of York, through the York County Planning Commission, provide this program to help people who have a limited income so that they can lower their fuel bills, save energy, and have more comfortable homes in the process.

The Weatherization Program has offered these services since 1972 and more than 10,000 families have benefited from taking part in the program. Homes that have been previously served are not eligible for re-service.

Both homeowners and renters are eligible to apply for the services. Renters need to have the consent of their landlord to participate.

The work is done for those eligible free of charge for eligible households.

What Is Done

Specially trained workers make specified repairs to your home so that it becomes more efficient to reduce your heating and electric bills.

Services include attic and basement insulation, hot water heater and pipe insulation, window and door weather stripping, caulking and broken glass replacement.

No lien is filed against your home.

Also as part of the Weatherization Program, your furnace and hot water heater will be tested for its efficiency and safety.

In addition, the program provides education on ways that you can save and use energy wisely.

Income eligibility guidelines are as follows:

Number of Persons in HouseholdTotal Household Income Equal or Less Than


For additional information, contact:

York County Planning Commission
28 East Market Street 3rd Floor
York, PA 17401
Phone: 717-771-9870 and choose Option 1 for the Weatherization Program