Filing Fees

Please see our court-ordered fee schedule.

2019 to 2022 Fee Schedule Effective

Effective January 1, 2019

IFP Application

Clerk Fees

Clerk FeesTotal
(x)(x) Non Jury Trial or Guilty Plea  $189.50
(x)(x) Indirect Criminal Contempt$189.50
(x)(x) Jury Trial$250.10
(x)(x) Summary$66.25

Per page Black and White$0.25
Per page Color$0.50
Certified Copy (Hard Copy or Electronic Copy)$12

Filling FeesPrices
(x) Miscellaneous Papers$26.50
(x) Tax Collector Bond$26.50
(x) Constable Bond$26.50
(x)(x) Summary Conviction Appeal (Charged each docket Number)$74.65
(x)(x) Appeals to Commonwealth/Superior or Supreme Court  $73.50
(x) Road Cases$26.50
(x) Resolution of Township Supervisors$26.50
(x)(x) Expungement Petition$215.10
(x)(x) Limited Access$132.00

Record Check$7
(x) Bail Piece$19.15

Postage (Charged per case)$13 
Automation Fee$5

  • (x) Includes $5 for Equipment Automation Fund
  • (x)(x) Includes $18 for Equipment Automation Fund and Postage
  • (x)(x)(x) Must be 2 separate payments of $73.50 and $90.25

Note: $5 automation fee set by Act 36 of 2000

Download this Fee Schedule (PDF).

Costs and Fees:

If you are unsure why a Fee or Cost was assessed to your case, please take note of the state mandated costs and fees.