Cyber Hygiene Essentials


Cyber hygiene is about training yourself to think proactively about your Cybersecurity — just as you would with your daily personal hygiene — to protect your identity, prevent virus attacks, and keep your data safe. A regular cyber hygiene regimen is beneficial for two reasons: security and maintenance.

Security is the main reason to follow a cyber hygiene routine. Hackers, identity thieves, advanced viruses, and intelligent malware are all part of our online world. While predicting threats can be challenging, preparing, and preventing them becomes feasible with sound cyber hygiene practices.

Maintenance ensures that your devices and software operate at peak efficiency. Over time, files become fragmented, and programs become outdated, increasing the risk of vulnerabilities. Routines that include maintenance are likely to detect many of these issues early and prevent serious issues from occurring. A system that is well-maintained is less likely to be vulnerable to cybersecurity risks and exploitations.

Cyber Hygiene Essential Tips

Protect Your Identity - Protect your online accounts using secureCyber Hygiene Essentials passwords and multifactor authentication (MFA).

Keep Data Safe - Always ensure that you back up your data. When backing up said data, verify that it is encrypted and think of even having a backup of your backup.

Stop Virus Attacks - Maintain the use of anti-virus software on your devices.

Be Cyber Aware - Stay safe online by thinking before you click and learning about the latest trends, threats, and scams.

Stay Up to Date - Devices that are up to date typically have fewer vulnerabilities and have more features to keep you safe.

"Cybersecurity is our shared responsibility."