New Starting Rates for Deputy Sheriff's

Now hiring- $24.50 per hour ($50,960 Annually) - $25.50 per hour ($53,040 annually) starting salary

The York County, Pa Sheriff’s Office is hiring.

The Entry Level Position Deputy Sheriff starting salary is $24.50 / hour ($50,960 annually) - $25.50 / hour ($53,040 annually) Deputy Sheriff’s that are Act 2 or Act 120 certified. There is also shift differential and other competitive benefits.

Are you an individual interested in joining a professional organization dedicated to the safety of the citizens of York County?

The York County Sheriff's Office is committed to identifying hard-working and dedicated individuals pursuing careers in public safety/ law enforcement. Our organization seeks individuals committed to the values of honor, integrity, professionalism, respect, and selfless service.

Interested candidates seeking employment should review our employment requirements and complete an application for employment electronically/online.