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Assessment Information

Welcome to the Tax Assessment Information page. This page is meant to help you understand the property assessment process and provide you resources to conduct additional research.

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Tax assessment determinations are made by licensed assessors. The goal of the process is to properly determine the market value of a given property. This assessed value is then used in conjunction with millage rates set by the taxing authorities (school districts, the county and municipalities) to determine the property taxes owed.

Market Value has been defined by the State Supreme Court as "the price in a competitive market a purchaser, willing but not obligated to buy, would pay an owner, willing but not obligated to sell, taking into consideration all the legal uses to which the property can be adapted and might reasonably be applied."

Please note: The Assessment Office does not establish property tax costs. The Assessment Office only establishes the Fair Market Value of the property for ad valorum (at value) tax purposes. The taxing authority (county, municipality or school district) establishes the tax cost through millage (tax) rates.

The assessment of a property may be periodically adjusted through countywide reassessments as authorized by the York County Board of Commissioners. Assessments also may be adjusted due to improvements to a given property or because of assessment appeals sought by the property owner.

For further information or to conduct research, please consider using one of the following resources:

Real Estate Assessment Data/Mapping

Here you can search the York County Assessment Office Real Estate Database and access customized maps. The database displays municipality, road and property lines, owner names, sale prices and the assessed values of specific properties. This database is updated bi-monthly.

Property Viewer - Property Tax Liability Lookup (NEW)

This tool is meant to help you and other researchers (prospective property owners, for example) research the face value of property taxes that are levied on a given property. Like the Real Estate Assessment Data above, it also lists the municipality, road and property lines, owner names, sale prices and the assessed values of specific properties, among other things.

It is not meant to reflect any payments that have been made or are due. For information about current property taxes due on a property, please contact your local tax collector. A list is here. For information about delinquent taxes, go here. 

Microsoft/Pictometry Aerial Photo Site

Here you can search for a specific property by address. Viewing options include a birdseye and street view.

Uniform Parcel Identifier System

A UPI is a series of numbers that identifies each separate lot, tract, or parcel of real estate in York County. This page explains what UPIs represent. These numbers can be used to help identify ownership, liens, property lines and other matters affecting real estate.

Tax Millage Rates

Here you can read and print the current Property Millage (Tax) Rates as set by school districts, municipalities and the county. Property tax rates in Pennsylvania are referred to as millage rates, and they are figured in mills. One mill is equal to 1/1,000 of a dollar.

To calculate your tax bill:

• Convert the millage rate to its decimal equivalent to make the calculation easier. To do so, multiply the millage rate by .001.
    o Example: 5 mills X .001=.005
• Multiply this figure by the property’s assessed value
    o Example: A Tax Rate of 5 mills and a property assessed at $150,000
    o Calculation: $150,000 X .005=$750

Land Use Codes