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Welcome to the Human Services Division!

The York County Human Services Division strives to enhance the delivery of our services to the citizens of York County. Currently, our Division is working on becoming more comprehensive, more accessible, and also building the quality of the experience residents of York County have while interacting with our various Departments.

We are making every effort to improve your service with us, and welcome any feedback or suggestions on ways to achieve that goal.

Please take a minute to review the 2015-2016 coordinated Human Services Plan by clicking here. 

Upcoming Conference and Networking Series

Public Hearing Notice
York County Human Services Division

Public Notice is hereby given that the York County Human Services Division will hold a public meeting regarding funding plans for Fiscal Year 2016-2017.  The meeting will be held on June 2, 2016 at 2:00 pm at 300 East 7th Avenue, York, PA.  The presentation will include the following County of York departments:  Human Services, Office of Children, Youth & Families, Mental Health/Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities, Early Intervention, and Drug & Alcohol Commission.  A draft of the 2016-2017 Coordinated Human Services Plan will be available for review.

Immediately following, the York County Children, Youth & Families and Juvenile Probation Office will be available to address additional public questions and concerns regarding its annual needs based budget and plan for fiscal year operations of 2016-2017.

SOC - Parent Networking Series
Trauma-Informed Care Conference

Mission Statement

The Mission of York County Human Services Division will be to provide equal access to services for the safety, and well-being of all eligible residents, in a timely and cost effective manner.

We will accomplish this by...

  • Protecting children and vulnerable adults
  • Supporting communities and families in raising children who develop to their fullest potential
  • Strive to assure that all people’s basic needs are met
  • Building healthy communities and self-reliant individuals

Other Important Listings for Your Information...

  • The Pennsylvania Department of Human Services offers many services to the people of Pennsylvania, and provides many of the funding sources utilized in the Human Services Division. For a listing of the services they provide, please visit their website.