Budget and Finance

County Budgets

York County Commissioners Steve Chronister, Doug Hoke and Chris Reilly approved the 2014 budget on Dec. 18, 2013.

It holds the line on taxes from County government for the fourth time in the last five years. Taxes were last raised in 2013 to help make up for more than $7 million in state and federal budget cuts to mandated services.

Under the 2014 budget, the millage rate remains 4.52. A taxpayer whose home is assessed at $150,000 will continue to pay $678 in County real estate taxes.

The $476.7 million plan includes general fund expenses of $190.6 million. Proposed general fund spending increased 0.9 percent, less than the rate of inflation, due to higher health care and debt repayment costs.

Excluding those hard costs, the cost of operations decreased 1.8 percent compared to 2013.

You can learn how to calculate your county tax bill here. 

York County continues to be on solid financial footing. Standard & Poor’s in 2010 recognized the strength of the County’s finances when it upgraded the county’s credit rating to AA, one of the highest available ratings.

The Documents

Budget documents are presented below.

The General Fund Summary outlines revenue and expenditures associated with the County’s General Fund. The General Fund is primarily supported by property taxes and generally has no funding restrictions, so it is locally controlled.

The "Summary All Funds" document shows budget figures for each funding stream, including restricted-use funds derived from state and federal sources.  

Also included are line-item revenue and line-item expense budgets, which are detailed looks at each revenue and expense account. For a big-picture explanation of the budget, be sure to check out the budget presentations. They help explain trends in expenses and revenue that impact a given year’s budget.

2014 Budget